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Traboda Arena platform is a cyber security skill assessment and benchmarking platform, that can used by enterprises and institutions to assesses practical technical skills of their employees, students (or candidates while recruiting).

Though designed for cyber security, it can be used for technical skill assessment and benchmarking in various other domains as well with the wide variety of challenge types and customizations it offers.

Built for Enterprises & Institutions

Arena was designed scratch for enterprises and institutions, with features like white-labelling, single sign-on, role-based access control, and more. Further, it features sufficient features and measures to ensure data protection and privacy, that can comply with GDPR and other similar regulations.

Arena is available with self-hosted and cloud-hosted options, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud of your choice. The platform is also available as a managed service, where we host and manage the platform for you. Traboda not only offers extensive support and maintenance, and can develop customizations and integrations to meet your specific needs.

Built for Scale, Built for 2020s

Arena is a refreshingly modern web application, built with the latest technologies and best practices. It is built to be intuitive, fast and modern at the frontend, while is powered by a highly customizable, extensible, and flexible backend, to meet the needs of a wide variety of organizations. This does not come in the way of performance, as the platform is built to be highly scalable and performant. It was build from ground-up to be cloud-native and for scale, and thus can efficiently handle thousands of concurrent users working on hundreds of challenges.

Arena and challenge infrastructure is also designed to be highly available, and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud of your choice. Our fully automated infrastructure design takes care of deployment and management of the challenge infrastructure, taking automated backups, and scaling up and down as needed, and ensuring high availability. The platform also complies with the latest security, privacy and data protection standards.

Comparison with Other Platforms


CTFd is one of the most popular CTF platform, that is available open-source. It is widely used by CTF organizers around the world. It is a great platform for organizing competitive CTFs, and is a good choice for small organizations and institutions that are looking to host their own CTFs.

However, setting up CTFd is not a trivial task, and requires significant effort and expertise. The makers of CTFd do offer a managed service at a cost for enterprises, which also comes with more features and support compared to their open-source offering.

The free and open source version of CTFd lacks many features such as - support for single sign-on, admin roles, web-hooks, automated challenge deployments

Here are some functional short-comings of CTFd that we have observed:

  • Do not have in-built systems to detect and prevent flag-sharing between participants
  • Scoring metrics, and their relative ranking priorities (tie-breaking) cannot be customized.
  • Limited logging and auditing capabilities, especially out-of-the-box.
  • No support for customized role-based access control, it only comes with fixed roles. Again this too only comes with the Enterprise version.
  • Adding custom fields to profile / registration form is a tedious process. Checkout this example
  • It can be operated either only with team-mode or only with individual mode, but not both at the same time.