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Take out the hard part of organizing

Organize your contests effortlessly, while retaining full control & flexibility. Traboda Arena is the most comprehensive & blazing fast cyber contest platform, built for the 2020s.

Focus on organizing your CTF, not on ensuring your platform runs

Organize your next CTF effortlessly, with our managed CTF hosting plans, concierge on-boarding and dedicated support. You can leave managing your CTF platform completely on us.

Shipped with every feature, to make your life easier as a CTF organizer

From fully managed deployment of CTF challenges, flag share detection, rich analytics dashboard, custom theming, notification systems to dynamic scoring systems, it has everything.

Scalable to take your peaks, proudly built on Modern Web

Powered by a modern tech stack, and a highly scalable deployment infrastructure based on Kubernetes, host your CTF without worrying about scalability or performance.

The Only Platform You Need for


Use Arena to host a public or internal competitive technical competitions

  • Customizable Scoring Metrics
  • Wide variety of game formats
  • Anti-cheat mechanisms & advanced logging
  • Team & Individual games supported



Use Arena to recruit candidates benchmarking and evaluate their technical skills

  • Advanced Plagiarism Detection & Protection
  • Compare Candidates View & Screener
  • In-Depth Performance Analytics
  • Custom Profile & Registration Form



Use Arena as a practice platform for users to practice and improve their technical skills

  • Long running leaderboard
  • Streaks & badges to boost engagement
  • Define paths / tracks for participants to follow
  • Participant Profiles with Statistics
  • Configurable Reports & Analytics



Use Arena in classrooms for giving assignments and evaluating students

  • Give Individual / Team Assignments
  • Conduct Examination
  • Batches Management
  • Advanced Report Generation
  • Easy Integration with LMS

Suited for All Use Cases,
Tailored for Your Needs

For Enterprises

Arena enables to assess, train and recruit cyber security talents. It provides practical benchmarking for your team and lets you identify skill gaps.

Use Cases
  • Organise Recruitment Contests
  • Organise Hands-on Training
  • Benchmark Skills of your Team & Identify Skill Gaps
Tailored Features
  • Single Sign-On
  • White Labeling
  • Role Based Access Control
  • GDPR Compliance

For Educators

Arena allows you to teach cyber security practically. Give out practical lab assignments, conduct lab exams and practice sessions so students can learn by doing.

Use Cases
  • Give & Manage Practical Lab Assignments
  • Organise Practical Cyber Exams
  • Provide Practice Platform for Cyber Security Courses
Tailored Features
  • Assignments & Writeups
  • Class & Batch Management
  • Advanced Plagiarism Detection
  • Analytics & Report Generation

For Communities

Arena is best place for your community to organise Capture The Flag (CTF) events, easy to use yet fully configurable to your needs.

Use Cases
  • Organise Capture The Flag (CTF) Events
  • Train your Community Members
  • Recruit Top Talents
Tailored Features
  • Full Advanced Customisation
  • Team & Individual Modes
  • Custom Registration Fields
  • Flag Share Detection

Seamless Management, Limitless Possibilities

Power your contest with a platform that is built for speed, convenience and flexibility.

Bring Your Challenges, or We'll make them for You.

Challenges are the heart of any CTF. When using Arena, you can bring your own challenges, pick from our library, or our team can custom design them for you.

Option A

Bring & Use Your Own Challenges

You can bring your own challenges and add them into contests on Arena. We support challenges in the form of Docker containers, binaries files, and more, and you will have full control over it.

View Guide
Option B

Pick from our Exhaustive Library

We have a library of challenges that you can pick from. Our library has 1000+ challenges from top CTFs in the past to wide-variety of challenges contributed by the community, all ready to plug and play in your next contest.

Explore Library
Option C

Tailored Challenges from Experts

Our team of veteran CTF players and industry experts can custom design CTF challenges for you. We have experience in designing challenges for CTFs of all sizes, and we can help you design challenges that are fun, engaging, and educational.

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Recommended by the Organizers,Loved by the Players

We are rated Excellent (4.3/5) based on 14 reviews from CTF organizers on Trustpilot.Open Trustpilot

Your Trusted Contest Partner

Arena has proven to be a reliable platform for CTFs of all sizes, from small local events to large international competitions for thousands of players, from college CTFs to corporate recruitment drives.
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Over 15000+ participants across 25+ CTFs have used Traboda Arena.Read our customer stories

Ready to host your contest?

How to get started? Here are the 5 steps to host your contest with us.

Step 1
Reach out to us with your objectives & let us know your ideal plan
Step 2
A dedicated success manager will get in touch with you to discuss and finalize about your project.
Step 3
We will deploy your Arena, and conduct a on-boarding session with your team. You will get all details, user guides and a dedicated support channel.
Step 4
Invite your participants, and configure your Arena to your liking. We will be there to help you out, if you need any assistance.
Step 5
Lay back, and enjoy your contest. We will take care of everything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

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